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360° . Films évènementiels . Reportage . Interview . Webtv
  • The remote video production solution

    You wish to organize an Interview, an event, a conference, present a product or communicate without having to bring together speakers and participants in a room.

    VISIlike is your solution.

  • Our video ,live dematerialized solution goes far beyond a simple Webinar.

    We offer you a professional TV-type live show (dressing in the client’s colours, appearance of the speakers’ names and titles, multi-windowing, picture-in-picture, sending of subjects, jingles, powerpoint, etc.).

    Our solution allows of course to be live on social networks, but we can also send you a private and password-secured link for a targeted broadcast.

    • VISIlike allows you to record the entire live performance for later use.
    • VISIlike can also be combined with Webinar platforms and thus benefit from chat solutions, survey moderation…
VISIlike interests you, contact us, come and see our latest work.
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Olivier Ravalet

Founder and CEO

Stan Borne

Editor-in-chief / Film director

Jean-Marc Simonnet

Head Editor/Graphic Designer

Clément Debes


Alexis Martin


Visu / Editor
Visu / Director

and thirty or so regular video industry collaborators: directors, journalists, cameramen, sound engineers, (2D/3D) graphic editors, etc.